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Smart Battery System for Professional UAS Operators


High Power varient (heavy lift applications)

High Capacity varient (long range applications)


BMS Feaures:

  • Cell Balancing
  • Simple no-buttons charging, use a DroneCAN charger or the chargers we offer
  • Overload, under and over charge, under and over temp warnings


Telemetry Features:

  • Native DroneCAN and UAVCAN v0,v1 support
  • Auto detect CAN plugin
  • BatteryInfo AP message
  • Cell Voltage message
  • Working with dev team on additional parameters


Case Features:

  • Kevlar inner liner for crash protection
  • Carbon exterior for ridigity and sheild against magnetic interference
  • Standardized inteface for Drone Battery Dock compatibility


Thermal Regulation Features:

  • All weather operation
  • Up to 60C operating environment
  • Down to -17C with documented startup procedure


Weight: 999 grams

Size (mm): 185 L x 53 W x 75 T

Connection type:

XT90i with built in CAN

Smart 6s 9/10AH Ultra Dark Lithium LiIon-AC Battery

Expected to ship by end of Sept

    Some product downloads unavailable as we implement this feature

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