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This dock allows for seamless integration of any of our 3x2x2 smart battery series! It is a cable-free experience! Autodetects being plugged in, allowing for the easiest of use, with an OEM appearance!

Product arrives as a carbon fiber case with mounted PCB and electronics enclosure


PCB features:

  • Large solder pads for up to 8 ESC connection points
  • 12V 3A regulator
  • 5V 3A regulator
  • Hotswap 5V 50 watt second supercapacitor bank
  • 2.54mm servo connections
  • 2 JST-GH 4 pin CAN port connections

3x2x2 Battery Dock & Interface PCB


    Some product downloads unavailable as we implement this feature

    Artboard 1 copy 23.png
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