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We provide testing services for power supplies, batteries, and more!


We can test up to 15kW, 80V and 450A as a load or as a source.

We can test in constant power, constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance


We can utilize up to 4 temperature probes placed where required


Output file provided to customer is in the format of a CSV with timestamp and collected data


Flight logs from PX4 or Ardupilt, etc can be simulated on equipment on any battery of ours, testing how our battery would compare to your current solution


We can simulate heat or cold as necessary, 0F - 120F


Test battery/device/system may be shipped to us for testing if we deem the test safe


Please contact once checking out item to get a custom quote.


Typical price of a test is $200 for a simple discharge test, to $1500 to a multi process test with an environmental chamber

Custom Testing for Batteries or Equipment


    Some product downloads unavailable as we implement this feature

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