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One week lead time for custom batteries. Expidited options upon request


To Order:

Please checkout with item, then email with:

Battery Shape (ex: 3x3x1 vertical cell orientation, 3x2x3 horizontal cell orientation)

Battery Cell (see list unless otherwise require a custom cell)

If any BMS or specific PCB requests ($225 - $500)

If charger is required ($175 - $500) (requires BMS)

If CAD proof is required ($200-$300)

Where power and balance need to exit if required

If a PVC heat shrink is acceptible, or requires 3d printed hard case


Please select the cell and the number of cells in the product options:

$10/cell Amprius 18650 cell: 4000mAh cell rated for 25 watts per cell typical. 47 grams

$200/cell Amprius 3.4V 10,600mAh cell rated for 100 watts, 360Wh/kg per cell: 103 grams

$9/cell Molicel 18650 P28A cell: 2800mAh cell rated for 75 watts per cell typical. 47 grams

$9/cell Molicel 21700 P42A cell: 4200mAh cell rated for 85 watts typical. 69 grams

$12/cell Molicel 21700 P45B cell: 4500mAh cell rated for 100 watts typical, 70 grams

$11/cell Samsung 50S cell: 5000mAh cell rated for 75 watts typical. 69 grams


Packaging usually represents 5-10% of battery overall weight.


If Engineerings Drawings selected, we will proof the battery for you prior to manufacture.

File is sent via email as a STEP file

$100 custom design deposit is non refundable upon order, custom batteries are non returable.


Batteries come by default heat shrunk with your specified lead and balance connector.

Power cable is selected based on current rating of connector.

Standard power cable is 8" in length, balance cable is 4" in length


Standard BMS design is rated for 100A continous with balancing, and standard protections which are user customizable. Custom PCB designs possible with an MOQ of 10 or more.


An example total cost of built pack would be:

(8) P45B cells: $96

(1) CAD file proof: $200

(1) Int. Shipping $20

(1) $100 deposit

Total cost to buyer: $416

Custom Built Battery


    Some product downloads unavailable as we implement this feature

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