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This is the higest energy density commercially avaliable drone battery on the market today!

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Electrical Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 20.4V

Capacity: 10,800mAh

Watt Hours: Nominal 220.32Wh, dependent on rate of discharge


Optimal Use Conditions:

25C Environment, 48kph airflow over pack:

750W Discharge, 10.47Ah, 206.98Wh

500W Discharge, 10.6Ah, 212.98Wh

250W Discharge, 10.84Ah, 221.1Wh


5C Discharge, 10.5Ah, 203.83Wh

4C Discharge, 10.63Ah, 208.15Wh

3C Discharge, 10.89Ah, 217.08Wh

2C Discharge, 11.16Ah, 224.7Wh

1C Discharge, 11.36Ah, 231.68Wh


No Airflow Maximum Conditions:

2C Discharge, 11.16Ah, 224.7Wh


Charge Rate:

  • 10 Amps with no airflow
  • 20 Amps with airflow

Voltage Maximums:

  • Max voltage: 25.2V pack, 4.2V per cell
  • Min voltage: 15.6V pack, 2.6V per cell
  • Note - Battery should be drained to at least 2.7V to get full use


Mechanical Specifications:

Cell: Amprius SA08

Configuration: 6s1p

Energy Density Specs:

  • Weight: (±5g) 675g
  • Cell Energy Density: 360Wh/kg
  • Pack Energy Density: 322.60Wh/kg
  • Pack Volume: 356.0cm^3
  • Pack Volumetric Density: 0.619Wh/cm^3


  • Balance Plug: JST-XH-7P, 22AWG
  • Discharge Plug: XT60 or XT90, 14AWG or 12AWG


  • 5.2 x 4.9 x 14 cm, 100% SoC L, W, H

Operating Temperature Range:

  • -20C/0F - 60C/140F

6s AMPRIUS BLACK 10800mAh with 326Wh/kg Dark Lithium Battery


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