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Intro to batteries - Series and Parallel

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Drone batteries come in all capacities and voltages. This is because a lithium battery is a collection of cells and each cell has a specific size, weight, voltage range, capacity, and current output.

Each cell is wired in series or parallel. Cells connected in series increase the battery voltage, for instance a 6s battery is 6 cells connected in series, that is, their terminals are connected end to end, positive to negative, until all 6 are connected like train cars. Or drone cars perhaps?

Cells connected in parallel increase the battery capacity and the current output.

So if a drone battery, that is a 6s3p battery, has 6 cell groups in series. Each cell group in series has 3 cells in parallel. Each group of 3 forms one parallel group. This is how all lithium polymer and lithium ion batteries are connected to form the battery that you use to fly your drone!

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