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6s3p 6s 13,500 mAh hard case LiIon


Available Watt Hours at given discharge rates to 2.7v/cell at room temperature with moderate air flow:

1500 watt constant discharge: 257 watt hours

1200 watt constant discharge: 264 watt hours

900 watt constant discharge: 269 watt hours



Cell: Molicel P45B

Capacity: 13,500mAh

Configuration: 6S2P / 22.2V / 12 Cells

Charge Rate: 27A (2C)

Max voltage: 25.2V pack, 4.2V per cell

Min voltage: 16.2V pack, 2.7V per cell

Balance Lead: Black JST-XH

Discharge Plug: AMASS XT90

Dimensions: 15.6cm x 7.2cm x 7.2cm (L x W x H)

Weight(±5g): 1400g

6s RED 13.5AH Dark Lithium drone battery LiIon

SKU: UGE1606
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