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Sentient Battery Technology provides predictive wear analysis, transmits telemetry to the flight controller system, useage based fan control, and turns on and off automatically based on detected battery use and operating environment


High Power varient (heavy lift applications)

High Capacity varient (long range applications)


BMS Feaures:

  • Self storage mode activated after 2 weeks of inactivity
  • Cell Balancing
  • Simple charging, simply connect constant current 25.4V supply
  • Overload, under and over charge, under and over temp warnings


Telemetry Features:

  • Native DroneCAN and UAVCAN v0,v1 support
  • Auto detect CAN plugin
  • BatteryInfo AP message
  • Cell Voltage message
  • Working with dev team on additional parameters


Case Features:

  • Kevlar inner liner for crash protection
  • Carbon exterior for ridigity and sheild against magnetic interference
  • Standardized inteface for Drone Battery Dock compatibility


Thermal Regulation Features:

  • All weather operation
  • Up to 60C operating environment
  • Down to -17C with documented startup procedure


Weight: 2066 grams

Size (mm): 185 L x 106 W x 75 T

Connection type:

8mm bullet plugs, female

JST-XH 7p balance connector

JST-GH 6p Sentient Connector

Smart 12s 9/10AH Ultra Dark Lithium LiIon-AC Battery

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